Applying: avcodec: Remove AVCodec, AVParser and AVBitStreamFilter next API
Applying: avformat: Remove next API for AV(In|Out)putFormat
Applying: avcodec, avformat: Remove old BSF API
Applying: avcodec: Remove sidedata-only-packet cruft
Applying: avcodec, avformat: Remove AVPacket.convergence_duration
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated AVPacket API
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated stat-bits fields
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated coder type options
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated API to split/merge side-data
Applying: avcodec: Remove private options from AVCodecContext
Applying: avcodec: Remove unneeded getters and setters
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated av_codec_get_tag_string
Applying: avcodec: Remove lock manager API
Applying: avcodec: Remove remnants of user-visiable HW acceleration API
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated avcodec_get_chroma_sub_sample
Applying: avcodec/bitstream: Remove avpriv PutBits API functions
Applying: avcodec/mpeg4audio: Remove avpriv_mpeg4audio_get_config
Applying: avcodec/codec2utils: Remove legacy avpriv functions
Applying: avcodec/mpegvideo_enc: Remove deprecated RTP-callback
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated ASS with inline timing
Applying: avcodec/(movtext|srt|ttml|webvtt)enc: Reindent after previous commit
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated avcodec_get_context_defaults3
Applying: avcodec/options: Remove deprecated avcodec_copy_context
Applying: avcodec/vdpau: Remove deprecated av_vdpau_get_profile
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated AVPicture API
Applying: avcodec/imgconvert: Remove deprecated parts of pixel format API
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated VBV delay field
Applying: avcodec: Remove deprecated old aliases for NVENC encoders
Applying: avcodec/vaapi: Remove old and deprecated VAAPI context and header
Applying: avcodec/mpegvideo: Remove deprecated rc_strategy option
Applying: avcodec/parser: Remove deprecated av_parser_change
Applying: avcodec: Switch AVCPBProperties to 64bits
Applying: avformat: Constify the API wrt AV(In|Out)putFormat
Applying: avformat: Remove FFserver leftovers
Applying: avformat: Remove deprecated old open callbacks
Applying: avformat: Remove getters and setters
Applying: avformat: Remove deprecated filename field from AVFormatContext
Applying: avformat/avformat: Remove outdated private fields
Applying: avformat/http: Remove deprecated user-agent option
Applying: avformat/hlsenc: Remove deprecated wrap option
Applying: avformat/hlsenc: Remove deprecated localtime options
Applying: avformat: Remove remnants of side data merging
Applying: avformat/mov, movenc: Enc exporting rotation via metadata
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