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[FFmpeg-devel] avformat/matroskadec: Free right buffer on error

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Andreas Rheinhardt May 3, 2020, 10:09 a.m. UTC
Since commit 979b5b89594c7628bd846c63198cb64ef9d81d16, reverting the
Matroska ContentCompression is no longer done inside
matroska_parse_frame() (the function that creates AVPackets out of the
parsed data (unless we are dealing with certain codecs that need special
handling)), but instead in matroska_parse_block(). As a consequence,
the data that matroska_parse_frame() receives is no longer always owned
by an AVBuffer; it is owned by an AVBuffer iff no ContentCompression needed
to be reversed; otherwise the data is independently allocated and needs
to be freed on error.

Whether the data is owned by an AVBuffer or not is indicated by a variable
buf of type AVBufferRef *: If it is NULL, the data is independently
allocated, if not it is owned by the underlying AVBuffer (and is used to
avoid copying the data when creating the AVPackets).

Because the allocation of the buffer holding the uncompressed data happens
outside of matroska_parse_frame() (if a ContentCompression needs to be
reversed), the data is passed as uint8_t ** in order to not leave any
dangling pointers behind in matroska_parse_block() should the data need to
be freed: In case of errors, said uint8_t ** would be av_freep()'ed in
case buf indicated the data to be independently allocated.

Yet there is a problem with this: Some codecs (namely WavPack and
ProRes) need special handling: Their packets are only stored in
Matroska in a stripped form to save space and the demuxer reconstructs
full packets. This involved allocating a new, enlarged buffer. And if
an error happens when trying to wrap this new buffer into an AVBuffer,
this buffer needs to be freed; yet instead the given uint8_t ** (holding
the uncompressed, yet still stripped form of the data) would be freed
(av_freep()'ed) which certainly leads to a memleak of the new buffer;
even worse, in case the track does not use ContentCompression the given
uint8_t ** must not be freed as the actual data is owned by an AVBuffer
and the data given to matroska_parse_frame() is not the start of the
actual allocated buffer at all.

Both of these issues are fixed by always freeing the current data in
case it is independently allocated. Furthermore, while it would be
possible to track whether the pointer from matroska_parse_block() needs
to be reset or not, there is no gain in doing so, as the pointer is not
used at all afterwards and the sematics are clear: If the data passed
to matroska_parse_frame() is independently allocated, then ownership
of the data passes to matroska_parse_frame(). So don't pass the data
via uint8_t **.

Fixes Coverity ID 1462661 (the issue as described by Coverity is btw
a false positive: It thinks that this error can be triggered by ProRes
with a size of zero after reconstructing the original packets, but the
reconstructed packets can't have a size of zero).

Signed-off-by: Andreas Rheinhardt <andreas.rheinhardt@gmail.com>
Sorry for this. Will push this soon if no one objects. I would really
appreciate another pair of eyes looking over this.

Coverity ID 610554 is btw a false positive stemming from Coverity not
knowing that the packet data is always owned by an AVBuffer when
ContentCompression is not in use.

 libavformat/matroskadec.c | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
diff mbox series


diff --git a/libavformat/matroskadec.c b/libavformat/matroskadec.c
index 917c106258..24104837a5 100644
--- a/libavformat/matroskadec.c
+++ b/libavformat/matroskadec.c
@@ -3414,13 +3414,13 @@  static int matroska_parse_webvtt(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska,
 static int matroska_parse_frame(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska,
                                 MatroskaTrack *track, AVStream *st,
-                                AVBufferRef *buf, uint8_t **data, int pkt_size,
+                                AVBufferRef *buf, uint8_t *data, int pkt_size,
                                 uint64_t timecode, uint64_t lace_duration,
                                 int64_t pos, int is_keyframe,
                                 uint8_t *additional, uint64_t additional_id, int additional_size,
                                 int64_t discard_padding)
-    uint8_t *pkt_data = *data;
+    uint8_t *pkt_data = data;
     int res = 0;
     AVPacket pktl, *pkt = &pktl;
@@ -3432,7 +3432,7 @@  static int matroska_parse_frame(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska,
             goto fail;
         if (!buf)
-            av_freep(data);
+            av_free(data);
         buf = NULL;
@@ -3445,7 +3445,7 @@  static int matroska_parse_frame(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska,
             goto fail;
         if (!buf)
-            av_freep(data);
+            av_free(data);
         buf = NULL;
     if (!buf)
-        av_freep(data);
+        av_free(pkt_data);
     return res;
@@ -3659,7 +3659,7 @@  static int matroska_parse_block(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska, AVBufferRef *buf
             if (res)
                 return res;
         } else {
-            res = matroska_parse_frame(matroska, track, st, buf, &out_data,
+            res = matroska_parse_frame(matroska, track, st, buf, out_data,
                                        out_size, timecode, lace_duration,
                                        pos, !n ? is_keyframe : 0,
                                        additional, additional_id, additional_size,