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[FFmpeg-devel] configure: Added ldflags to mmal_extralibs

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Series [FFmpeg-devel] configure: Added ldflags to mmal_extralibs
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recupero0102@outlook.it Oct. 21, 2020, 6:15 a.m. UTC
If --enabled-mmal option requires '-L/opt/vc/lib' to compile that should
be included in mmal_extralibs.
This bug comes out using mpv-build with --enable-libmpv-shared because
it compiles something based on Libs listed in libavcodec/libavcodec.pc and
it fails to find -lmmal* if '-L/opt/vc/lib' is missing.
That fix conflict between mmal and libmpv-shared.
 configure | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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diff --git a/configure b/configure
index 8e451ca641..d81bf7308a 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -6468,7 +6468,8 @@  enabled mmal              && { check_lib mmal interface/mmal/mmal.h mmal_port_co
                                { ! enabled cross_compile &&
                                  add_cflags -isystem/opt/vc/include/ -isystem/opt/vc/include/interface/vmcs_host/linux -isystem/opt/vc/include/interface/vcos/pthreads -fgnu89-inline &&
                                  add_ldflags -L/opt/vc/lib/ &&
-                                 check_lib mmal interface/mmal/mmal.h mmal_port_connect -lmmal_core -lmmal_util -lmmal_vc_client -lbcm_host; } ||
+                                 check_lib mmal interface/mmal/mmal.h mmal_port_connect -lmmal_core -lmmal_util -lmmal_vc_client -lbcm_host &&
+                                 prepend mmal_extralibs "-L/opt/vc/lib"; } ||
                                die "ERROR: mmal not found" &&
                                check_func_headers interface/mmal/mmal.h "MMAL_PARAMETER_VIDEO_MAX_NUM_CALLBACKS"; }
 enabled openal            && { { for al_extralibs in "${OPENAL_LIBS}" "-lopenal" "-lOpenAL32"; do