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[FFmpeg-devel,5/5] doc/codecs.texi: Remove removed or ineffective options

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Andreas Rheinhardt Feb. 26, 2021, 1:18 p.m. UTC
Signed-off-by: Andreas Rheinhardt <andreas.rheinhardt@gmail.com>
Is it possible that Libav didn't use codecs.texi and that the committers
forgot to update it when Libav merges removed some of these options?

 doc/codecs.texi | 122 +-----------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 121 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/doc/codecs.texi b/doc/codecs.texi
index 073fb4ece2..9add7629cf 100644
--- a/doc/codecs.texi
+++ b/doc/codecs.texi
@@ -50,8 +50,6 @@  Use internal 2pass ratecontrol in first pass mode.
 Use internal 2pass ratecontrol in second pass mode.
 @item gray
 Only decode/encode grayscale.
-@item emu_edge
-Do not draw edges.
 @item psnr
 Set error[?] variables during encoding.
 @item truncated
@@ -72,10 +70,6 @@  This ensures that file and data checksums are reproducible and match between
 platforms. Its primary use is for regression testing.
 @item aic
 Apply H263 advanced intra coding / mpeg4 ac prediction.
-@item cbp
-Deprecated, use mpegvideo private options instead.
-@item qprd
-Deprecated, use mpegvideo private options instead.
 @item ilme
 Apply interlaced motion estimation.
 @item cgop
@@ -84,40 +78,6 @@  Use closed gop.
 Output even potentially corrupted frames.
 @end table
-@item me_method @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set motion estimation method.
-Possible values:
-@table @samp
-@item zero
-zero motion estimation (fastest)
-@item full
-full motion estimation (slowest)
-@item epzs
-EPZS motion estimation (default)
-@item esa
-esa motion estimation (alias for full)
-@item tesa
-tesa motion estimation
-@item dia
-dia motion estimation (alias for epzs)
-@item log
-log motion estimation
-@item phods
-phods motion estimation
-@item x1
-X1 motion estimation
-@item hex
-hex motion estimation
-@item umh
-umh motion estimation
-@item iter
-iter motion estimation
-@end table
-@item extradata_size @var{integer}
-Set extradata size.
 @item time_base @var{rational number}
 Set codec time base.
@@ -184,9 +144,6 @@  Default value is 0.
 @item b_qfactor @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set qp factor between P and B frames.
-@item rc_strategy @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set ratecontrol method.
 @item b_strategy @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set strategy to choose between I/P/B-frames.
@@ -210,8 +167,6 @@  Possible values:
 @table @samp
 @item autodetect
-@item old_msmpeg4
-some old lavc generated msmpeg4v3 files (no autodetection)
 @item xvid_ilace
 Xvid interlacing bug (autodetected if fourcc==XVIX)
 @item ump4
@@ -220,8 +175,6 @@  Xvid interlacing bug (autodetected if fourcc==XVIX)
 padding bug (autodetected)
 @item amv
-@item ac_vlc
-illegal vlc bug (autodetected per fourcc)
 @item qpel_chroma
 @item std_qpel
@@ -242,14 +195,6 @@  Workaround various bugs in microsoft broken decoders.
 trancated frames
 @end table
-@item lelim @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set single coefficient elimination threshold for luminance (negative
-values also consider DC coefficient).
-@item celim @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set single coefficient elimination threshold for chrominance (negative
-values also consider dc coefficient)
 @item strict @var{integer} (@emph{decoding/encoding,audio,video})
 Specify how strictly to follow the standards.
@@ -306,26 +251,8 @@  consider things that a sane encoder should not do as an error
 @item mpeg_quant @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Use MPEG quantizers instead of H.263.
-@item qsquish @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
-How to keep quantizer between qmin and qmax (0 = clip, 1 = use
-differentiable function).
-@item rc_qmod_amp @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set experimental quantizer modulation.
-@item rc_qmod_freq @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set experimental quantizer modulation.
 @item rc_override_count @var{integer}
-@item rc_eq @var{string} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set rate control equation. When computing the expression, besides the
-standard functions defined in the section 'Expression Evaluation', the
-following functions are available: bits2qp(bits), qp2bits(qp). Also
-the following constants are available: iTex pTex tex mv fCode iCount
-mcVar var isI isP isB avgQP qComp avgIITex avgPITex avgPPTex avgBPTex
 @item maxrate @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,audio,video})
 Set max bitrate tolerance (in bits/s). Requires bufsize to be set.
@@ -336,18 +263,12 @@  encode. It is of little use elsewise.
 @item bufsize @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,audio,video})
 Set ratecontrol buffer size (in bits).
-@item rc_buf_aggressivity @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Currently useless.
 @item i_qfactor @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set QP factor between P and I frames.
 @item i_qoffset @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set QP offset between P and I frames.
-@item rc_init_cplx @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set initial complexity for 1-pass encoding.
 @item dct @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set DCT algorithm.
@@ -412,11 +333,7 @@  Automatically pick a IDCT compatible with the simple one
 @item simpleneon
-@item simplealpha
-@item ipp
-@item xvidmmx
+@item xvid
 @item faani
 floating point AAN IDCT
@@ -714,19 +631,9 @@  Set diamond type & size for motion estimation pre-pass.
 @item subq @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set sub pel motion estimation quality.
-@item dtg_active_format @var{integer}
 @item me_range @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set limit motion vectors range (1023 for DivX player).
-@item ibias @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set intra quant bias.
-@item pbias @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set inter quant bias.
-@item color_table_id @var{integer}
 @item global_quality @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,audio,video})
 @item coder @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
@@ -741,8 +648,6 @@  arithmetic coder
 raw (no encoding)
 @item rle
 run-length coder
-@item deflate
-deflate-based coder
 @end table
 @item context @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
@@ -763,17 +668,9 @@  use fewest bits
 use best rate distortion
 @end table
-@item stream_codec_tag @var{integer}
 @item sc_threshold @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set scene change threshold.
-@item lmin @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set min lagrange factor (VBR).
-@item lmax @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set max lagrange factor (VBR).
 @item nr @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set noise reduction.
@@ -824,11 +721,6 @@  Export film grain parameters through frame side data (see @code{AV_FRAME_DATA_FI
 Supported at present by AV1 decoders.
 @end table
-@item error @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-@item qns @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Deprecated, use mpegvideo private options instead.
 @item threads @var{integer} (@emph{decoding/encoding,video})
 Set the number of threads to be used, in case the selected codec
 implementation supports multi-threading.
@@ -841,12 +733,6 @@  automatically select the number of threads to set
 Default value is @samp{auto}.
-@item me_threshold @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set motion estimation threshold.
-@item mb_threshold @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Set macroblock threshold.
 @item dc @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set intra_dc_precision.
@@ -924,9 +810,6 @@  noise preserving sum of squared differences
 @end table
-@item border_mask @var{float} (@emph{encoding,video})
-Increase the quantizer for macroblocks close to borders.
 @item mblmin @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set min macroblock lagrange factor (VBR).
@@ -1000,9 +883,6 @@  Adjust sensitivity of b_frame_strategy 1.
 @item timecode_frame_start @var{integer} (@emph{encoding,video})
 Set GOP timecode frame start number, in non drop frame format.
-@item request_channels @var{integer} (@emph{decoding,audio})
-Set desired number of audio channels.
 @item bits_per_raw_sample @var{integer}
 @item channel_layout @var{integer} (@emph{decoding/encoding,audio})