[FFmpeg-devel,v3,0/2] libx264 configure check clean-up

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Jan Ekström July 7, 2021, 7 p.m. UTC
Changes compared to v2:
- Kept the CONFIG_LIBX264RGB_ENCODER define check for ff_libx264rgb_encoder
  and the AVClass for libx264rgb.
- Removed the libx264rgb removal from this patch set since while I hoped I
  would be getting the initial two fixups reviewed even if people would oppose
  the libx264rgb removal, so at least those could get in - that didn't seem
  to be happening. This way I hope people would be more likely to focus on
  that bit at first.

The patch set contains two improvements to the libx264rgb configure checks,
as I found out that for all the time I had been building FFmpeg with a custom
prefix and utilizing pkg-config - it never got enabled due to the configure
check relying on the header being in the default include paths or in

- The first change fixes libx264rgb enablement without having x264.h
  in the system default include path, such as with custom prefixes.

- The second change removes the separate X264_CSP_BGR check as x264.h
  has this define unconditionally defined with the required X264_BUILD
  118 or newer (it was added a few X264_BUILD versions before).

  This change was checked by bumping the require_cpp_condition
  check to X264_BUILD >= 255 and checking with both pkg-config
  as well as by not having PKG_CONFIG_PATH defined as well as
  making the non-pkg-config check pass with
  `--extra-cflags="-I/prefix/include" --extra-ldflags="-L/prefix/lib -ldl"`
  So the X264_BUILD check should properly fail the enablement in
  case X264_BUILD is older than the one requested in the relevant

Best regards,

Jan Ekström (2):
  configure: move x264_csp_bgr check under general libx264 checks
  {configure,avcodec/libx264}: remove separate x264_csp_bgr check

 configure            | 3 +--
 libavcodec/libx264.c | 2 --
 2 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 4 deletions(-)