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[FFmpeg-devel,v2,09/69] avcodec/idctdsp: Constify the permutation parameter of ff_init_scantable

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Series [FFmpeg-devel,v2,01/69] avcodec/avcodec: Avoid MpegEncContext in AVHWAccel.decode_mb | expand


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Commit Message

Andreas Rheinhardt Feb. 1, 2022, 1:06 p.m. UTC
Signed-off-by: Andreas Rheinhardt <andreas.rheinhardt@outlook.com>
 libavcodec/idctdsp.c | 2 +-
 libavcodec/idctdsp.h | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/libavcodec/idctdsp.c b/libavcodec/idctdsp.c
index 71bd03c606..d07dc29207 100644
--- a/libavcodec/idctdsp.c
+++ b/libavcodec/idctdsp.c
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ 
 #include "simple_idct.h"
 #include "xvididct.h"
-av_cold void ff_init_scantable(uint8_t *permutation, ScanTable *st,
+av_cold void ff_init_scantable(const uint8_t *permutation, ScanTable *st,
                                const uint8_t *src_scantable)
     int i, end;
diff --git a/libavcodec/idctdsp.h b/libavcodec/idctdsp.h
index 014488aec3..e8f20acaf2 100644
--- a/libavcodec/idctdsp.h
+++ b/libavcodec/idctdsp.h
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@  enum idct_permutation_type {
-void ff_init_scantable(uint8_t *permutation, ScanTable *st,
+void ff_init_scantable(const uint8_t *permutation, ScanTable *st,
                        const uint8_t *src_scantable);
 void ff_init_scantable_permutation(uint8_t *idct_permutation,
                                    enum idct_permutation_type perm_type);