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[FFmpeg-devel,06/32] fate/lavf-image: Fix requirements of tests

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Commit fedc60d07d1596b7f5f76f978a20dac26b8589b8
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yinshiyou/make_loongarch64 success Make finished
yinshiyou/make_fate_loongarch64 success Make fate finished
andriy/make_x86 success Make finished
andriy/make_fate_x86 success Make fate finished

Commit Message

Andreas Rheinhardt April 24, 2022, 3:33 a.m. UTC
In particular, add the missing dependency on the scale filter
(and therefore on libswscale).

Signed-off-by: Andreas Rheinhardt <andreas.rheinhardt@outlook.com>
 tests/fate/lavf-image.mak | 70 +++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 1 file changed, 37 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/tests/fate/lavf-image.mak b/tests/fate/lavf-image.mak
index dbbd374301..df5079e118 100644
--- a/tests/fate/lavf-image.mak
+++ b/tests/fate/lavf-image.mak
@@ -1,36 +1,40 @@ 
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  BMP,            IMAGE2)             += bmp
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += gbrp10le.dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += gbrp12le.dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += rgb48le.dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += rgb48le_10.dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  DPX,            IMAGE2)             += rgba64le.dpx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  MJPEG,          IMAGE2)             += jpg
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += rgba.pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += gray.pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += gray16be.pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += rgb48be.pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PAM,            IMAGE2)             += monob.pam
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PCX,            IMAGE2)             += pcx
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PGM,            IMAGE2)             += pgm
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PNG,            IMAGE2)             += png
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PNG,            IMAGE2)             += gray16be.png
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PNG,            IMAGE2)             += rgb48be.png
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  PPM,            IMAGE2)             += ppm
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  SGI,            IMAGE2)             += sgi
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  SUNRAST,        IMAGE2)             += sun
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  TARGA,          IMAGE2)             += tga
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  TIFF,           IMAGE2)             += tiff
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XBM,            IMAGE2)             += xbm
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += rgba.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += rgb565be.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += rgb555be.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += rgb8.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += rgb4_byte.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += gray.xwd
-FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call ENCDEC,  XWD,            IMAGE2)             += monow.xwd
+                             SCALE_FILTER $(1)_ENCODER IMAGE2_MUXER      \
+                             $(1)_DECODER RAWVIDEO_ENCODER CRC_MUXER)
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         BMP) += bmp
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += gbrp10le.dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += gbrp12le.dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += rgb48le.dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += rgb48le_10.dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         DPX) += rgba64le.dpx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += rgba.pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += gray.pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += gray16be.pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += rgb48be.pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PAM) += monob.pam
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PCX) += pcx
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PGM) += pgm
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PNG) += png
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PNG) += gray16be.png
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PNG) += rgb48be.png
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         PPM) += ppm
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         SGI) += sgi
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,        TIFF) += tiff
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XBM) += xbm
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += rgba.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += rgb565be.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += rgb555be.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += rgb8.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += rgb4_byte.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += gray.xwd
+FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-$(call LAVF_IMAGES,         XWD) += monow.xwd
 FATE_LAVF_IMAGES = $(FATE_LAVF_IMAGES-yes:%=fate-lavf-%)