[FFmpeg-devel,0/4] avcodec/dvbsubdec, dvdsubdec: don't dump images to disk based on DEBUG define

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Aman Karmani Jan. 7, 2022, 4:49 a.m. UTC
It's annoying and unexpected, but still useful at times (as I've realized
just recently).

This is a follow-up to the earlier submission here:

There has been a comment from Anton, questioning whether the dump-feature is
useful. Meanwhile I came to the conclusion that it can be useful in-fact. It
just shouldn't happen automatically when DEBUG is defined. That's what these
patches do.

I also added fixes for the fopen() call.

softworkz (4):
  avcodec/dvbsubdec: don't dump images to disk based on DEBUG define
  avcodec/dvbsubdec: fix writing ppm
  avcodec/dvdsubdec: don't dump images to disk based on DEBUG define
  avcodec/dvdsubdec: fix writing ppm

 libavcodec/dvbsubdec.c | 20 +++++++++++++-------
 libavcodec/dvdsubdec.c | 11 ++++++++---
 2 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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