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 The members of the TC can be elected from outside of the GA.
 Candidates for election can either be suggested or self-nominated.
-The conflict resolution process is detailed in the [resolution process] document.
+The conflict resolution process is detailed in the [resolution process](resolution_process.md) document.
 ## Community committee
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+# Technical Committee
+_This document only makes sense with the rules from [the community document](community)_.
+The Technical Committee (**TC**) is here to arbitrate and make decisions when
+technical conflicts occur in the project.
+The TC main role is to resolve technical conflicts.
+It is therefore not a technical steering committee, but it is understood that
+some decisions might impact the future of the project.
+# Process
+## Seizing
+The TC can take possession of any technical matter that it sees fit.
+To involve the TC in a matter, email tc@ or CC them on an ongoing discussion.
+As members of TC are developers, they also can email tc@ to raise an issue.
+## Announcement
+The TC, once seized, must announce itself on the main mailing list, with a _[TC]_ tag.
+The TC has 2 modes of operation: a RFC one and an internal one.
+If the TC thinks it needs the input from the larger community, the TC can call
+for a RFC. Else, it can decide by itself.
+If the disagreement involves a member of the TC, that member should recuse
+themselves from the decision.
+The decision to use a RFC process or an internal discussion is a discretionary
+decision of the TC.
+The TC can also reject a seizure for a few reasons such as:
+the matter was not discussed enough previously; it lacks expertise to reach a
+beneficial decision on the matter; or the matter is too trivial.
+### RFC call
+In the RFC mode, one person from the TC posts on the mailing list the
+technical question and will request input from the community.
+The mail will have the following specification:
+* a precise title
+* a specific tag [TC RFC]
+* a top-level email
+* contain a precise question that does not exceed 100 words and that is answerable by developers
+* may have an extra description, or a link to a previous discussion, if deemed necessary,
+* contain a precise end date for the answers.
+The answers from the community must be on the main mailing list and must have
+the following specification:
+* keep the tag and the title unchanged
+* limited to 400 words
+* a first-level, answering directly to the main email
+* answering to the question.
+Further replies to answers are permitted, as long as they conform to the
+community standards of politeness, they are limited to 100 words, and are not
+nested more than once. (max-depth=2)
+After the end-date, mails on the thread will be ignored.
+Violations of those rules will be escalated through the Community Committee.
+After all the emails are in, the TC has 96 hours to give its final decision.
+Exceptionally, the TC can request an extra delay, that will be notified on the
+mailing list.
+### Within TC
+In the internal case, the TC has 96 hours to give its final decision.
+Exceptionally, the TC can request an extra delay.
+## Decisions
+The decisions from the TC will be sent on the mailing list, with the _[TC]_ tag.
+Internally, the TC should take decisions with a majority, or using
+ranked-choice voting.
+The decision from the TC should be published with a summary of the reasons that
+lead to this decision.
+The decisions from the TC are final, until the matters are reopened after
+no less than one year.